Anonymous asked:

i'm a girl and i'm totally in love with a new girl in my class. she is very shy and not talk much. but i discovered that she loves a girl who lives in another city, and it hurt me more than i thought it would hurt. i'm the only girl friend of her and she is only friends with the boys, because i think if she gets too close to a girl, she can fall for her. well, i do not know. i can not stop thinking about her and how she could make me happier if we were together. and if she did not like the other girl. i think she never had anything with me because i'm ugly and not as pretty as the other girl. i know i can not force someone to fall for me, but i really like her ): if you can help me, i'd be very grateful :)

Hey now, I refuse to let you say that you are ugly, because I guarantee you that you aren’t. I bet you’re beautiful, and you’re not allowed to argue me about that =] Now that thats settled, if this is really how you feel about this girl, don’t let the fact that she likes someone else get in your way. Show this girl how amazing you are and how amazing you could be together. Now, like any other case, there is a possibility that she doesn’t like you which happens to everyone, but then again theres a possibility that she DOES like you, and you don’t want to pass that chance up. Plus, you have a leg up already because you two go to the same school and you get to spend more time with her. So definitely don’t give up. Especially if this girl and the other girl aren’t dating, don’t hold back. Best of luck love =]